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Prickly pear seed oil,

the rarest in the world

The precious oil of prickly pear seeds comes from the prickly pear tree, also known as the hindi, which can be found in the Mediterranean basin. The manufacturing process for this much-coveted elixir makes it a rare commodity, as 1 tonne of prickly pear seeds is needed to produce 1 litre of prickly pear seed oil. Each seed contains around 5% pure oil, the fruit is harvested when exactly ripe, the seeds are meticulously extracted from the fruit and then sorted, washed, dried and crushed before being cold-pressed. By respecting each of these stages, we obtain an oil of unrivalled quality.

L’huile de pépins de figue de barbarie est à ce jour

la plus rare au monde.

The benefits of prickly pear seed oil for your skin

Moisturising & Repairing :

Prickly pear seed oil is richer in vitamin E (1000g/kg) than any other vegetable oil, which allows it to maintain the suppleness and tone of the skin and to smoothen the face. Its high omega-6 content (about 60%) regenerates, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. This active ingredient is essential for our body which cannot synthesize it itself. It is thus by external contribution that we must provide the skin with this essential nutrient. It helps fade small spots and scars left by acne pimples. The high antioxidant activity also promotes cell renewal and reduces redness and hyperpigmentation.

Sebo-regulating :

It also brings a regulating action of sebum, excellent for oily skins, its action against acne makes it indispensable for problematic skins. Absorbed very quickly by the epidermis, it is suitable for all skin types, is a dry oil that does not leave a greasy film and is not comedogenic. Moreover, it refines the grain of skin and tightens the dilated pores.

Anti-ageing and wrinkle prevention :

The level of sterols (around 10g/1kg) contained in this oil makes it the best ingredient for combating the free radicals responsible for skin ageing. Sterols help to preserve the skin's hydrolipidic film. Hydration plays an important role in preventing wrinkles. Its anti-ageing benefits restore youthfulness to tissues and stimulate cell production. The oil also acts as a barrier against premature ageing of the epidermis, helping to combat sagging skin. This action helps to keep skin hydrated and supple, naturally.

More radiant skin:

It improves your skin's natural luminescence. Ideal for dull and lifeless complexions, its unsaturated fatty acids restructure and unify the skin to give it the tone and radiance it needs.

Prickly pear seed oil


Prickly pear oil

Why is prickly pear seed oil different from prickly pear oil? Prickly pear seed oil is often confused with prickly pear oil. However, these two oils are very different in terms of their benefits for the skin. Prickly Pear oil is simply produced by macerating fresh prickly pears in sunflower oil, resulting in an oily macerate.

This macerate may provide benefits, but they will be far less than those contained in Prickly Pear seed oil. Prickly Pear seed oil is the result of a complex production process in which the oil is cold-extracted from the heart of the seed, where most of the benefits are found, such as vitamin E, Omega 6 and a very high level of sterols (10 g/1 kg). All Sand Rarity products contain Organic Prickly Pear seed oil.

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